Acme PHP

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Single binary file

A single download and you are ready to get certificates, PHP and OpenSSL are the only requirements.

Powerful configuration

Acme PHP is based on an expressive configuration file (~/.acmephp/acmephp.conf) that let you customize almost anything you want.

Made for automation

Simply put a CRON to run acmephp request daily: Acme PHP will take care of the rest, including avoiding to request the server too much.

Easy to monitor

Using Monolog, Acme PHP is able to alert you when certificates were renewed during your CRON. It supports E-mail, Slack, HipChat, Flowdock, Fleep and you can even add your own!


Using the configuration, you can send your certificates over the network, add them to an platformsh/heroku app, and much more.

Developer friendly

Written in PHP with high quality standards, Acme PHP is easy to use in your application. Manage your certificates directly from your code!